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NVIDIA will launch its own mod for Fallout 4

Knew that afternoon or early Nvidia would end by meter is in the development of video games, but what equal not had planned is that it made by the door of the community modder. And so it will be, it seems: morning at PAX West of Seattle maker of graphics …

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Analysis Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop


Nuclear shelters that appear in the Fallout series are perhaps one of the most characteristic elements of the same. From the hut number 13 to the 111 of Fallout 4, these constructions have been one of the main hallmarks of the franchise, starring plots and missions within the master plans …

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Fallout 4 mods are impaired in PS4

We regret to say that the PS4 Beta Mods for Fallout 4 has been delayed. We will update everyone when we can. -BethesdaGameStudios (@BethesdaStudios) June 29, 2016 Bethesda has delayed indefinitely the mods of the version compatibility for Fallout 4PlayStation 4, has announced the study on Twitter. The problems which …

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The mods come tomorrow to Fallout 4 on Xbox One

Mods for #Fallout4 are coming to #Xbox One next week on May 31st. #Fallout4Mods -BethesdaGameStudios (@BethesdaStudios) may 27, 2016 Bethesda has announced that mods will be available in the version for Xbox One Fallout 4 starting tomorrow, May 31. In PS4 will have to wait at least a few …

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4 Fallout Analysis: Far Harbor


Bethesda is immersed in the development of the DLC for Fallout 4, a daunting task that has led to the study to create which is perhaps his greatest downloadable content up to date: Far Harbor. In contrast to his two little brothers, Far Harbor can be considered an expansion with …

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