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2.74 million Nintendo Switch distributed does anyone give more?


Analysts said already and professionals in the industry claimed that Nintendo had learned from its mistakes. And it seems that they were correct. The launch of Nintendo Switch has been a success, with hundreds of consoles sold and numbers of sales increasing. Although, of course, the company will have to …

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How does the work of Hideo Kojima, the father of Metal Gear?


Hideo Kojima, within video games, is one of the most successful legends, transcending over the decades thanks to the famous success of the Metal Gear saga. Since Hideo Kojima’s independence is from Konami, company that had been working since 1986, has not stopped raise an air of curiosity among his …

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Nintendo finishes Wii U production in Japan


Wii U has been a console that has brought different types of news. The most negative, taking into account that the number of units sold has not been especially high. In all case, it more curious is that, after its put to the sale, only has got put 13.65 million …

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