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The hardware is born magic in Narita Boy


Eduardo Fornieles, Narita Boydirector, tells me that in his game “everything has an aftertaste to eighties hardware». No to software: hardware. The game, as are promoted on Kickstarter, is easy to understand: an adventure in 2D which catches something of Castlevania and some Sword and Sworcery, each one classic retro …

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Analysis of Circles


The best of Circles, of Jeroen Wimmers, is the way in which makes simple flat circles on funds from a single color in living beings, bridges, in labyrinths. All are circles. Our avatar, the environment, the mode switch of play, the button that closes Circles. There is no more; only …

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Owlboy now available on Mac and Linux


With Victor have discussed privately on Owlboy and long: he thought that ‘give him a physical presence to the different skills of Otus is a brilliant idea’, and I saw a performance perhaps more personal: «friendship and emotional ties and social development are essential to the life worthy of a …

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Obsidian Announces Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


The first official information has been leaked from Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, the sequel to his celebrated role of 2015 game. As the first part, Deadfire is financed by crowdfunding; This time things go by Fig instead of Kickstarter. The team looks for $ 1.1 million, the same amount …

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Modes multiplayer and cooperative for Yooka-Laylee


Yooka-Laylee, a platform game with the soul of the games of this genre launched in the time of N64 and PSX, will be released on 11 April in PS4, One, PC and possibly later in Nintendo Switch.Already we have been able to taste different gameplays of title and paints really …

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NVIDIA announces the arrival of GeForce Now to PC and Mac


NVIDIA has announced at the CES the arrival to PC and Mac of your service GeForce Now, until now exclusive of them devices Shield. GeForce Now is a streaming service games on demand, in the style of Gaikai or OnLive. I.e. you can enjoy games streaming, without having to install …

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