Wednesday , March 29 2017
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£ 9.99 per month you can access over 100 games with Xbox Game Pass


The future is quite possibly the subscription services and is not something you discuss it for free by the new Microsoft service, channels such as Netflix and PlayStation Now, seems that they imposed in the future as formulas to follow majority.Microsoft anticipates the rest with Xbox Game Pass (speaking of …

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Xbox and its recent financial results


You know that we are in an era in which most of the companies are presenting their results prosecutors. Both the annual and the last quarter. This movement, in addition, allows to know how certain products are performing. Even the own business are prepared in the coming months. One of …

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New concept art of State of Decay 2


To provide us with small sketches of art on the new title, State of Decay 2, so followed way, the Undead Labs developer must be completely immersed in your game. And it shows. Starting on March 10, the company announces that they will launch every week a new piece of …

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Xbox Scorpio: ESRAM, but with more memory and 4K L2 cache


Although the majority of details that have of Xbox Scorpio correspond to rumors and to gossip not confirmed, it true is that gradually us van arriving more data about the possible successor of Xbox One. As you know, Microsoft is not to inaugurate a new generation, but increase the potency …

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Project Cars and Star Wars with February Gold games


What month has brought Microsoft Gold games for February. We have a variety of genres and some very powerful titles. We are going with this. For Xbox One Star of the month is the digital version of Project Cars. A great game as the top of a pine tree. Flood …

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