Monday , May 29 2023
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Resident Evil 7 presents their classical mechanics


Capcom is releasing small videos that display various facets of Resident Evil 7. Some of these marks is linked with aspects classic of them games as the system of engraving limited to certain areas, the trunk for save objects or the cure through the plants green typical in Resident Evil.Of …

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The first patch of Titanfall 2 will occupy… 88 MB


Accustomed to the quality graphic of them last titles and, above all, to the great amount of errors that in occasions is have that solve, not is strange that, nothing more buy some project, have that wait still more time to download all them patches. These tend to deal with …

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Tokyo Xanadu eX + will be 4 k in PS4 PRO


Nihon Falcom has recently launched a ‘free-to-play’ version for Playstation Tokyo Xanadu eX +4. This version, that, basically, is a demo extended, can download is through the Store Japanese (already know how works) and will allow to those players complete three episodes of the game full. Control to Kou, the …

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The Last Guardian is finished


The Last Guardian began its development in 2007 for PS3. It was announced at E3 2009 and expected in the previous generation of PlayStation for the year 2011. After numerous problems in development which obliged to halt the project, this was redirected to PS4 in 2012 and re-anunci√≥ at E3 …

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