Monday , December 4 2023
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“Dragon of the North”, first DLC Nioh, on sale in may


Nioh includes a large amount of content in the base game, content that it was enlarged for free through a weight update a few weeks ago that included new bosses, missions and a balanced in different sections. On 2 may will come new content, although on this occasion will be …

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BioWare updated the Andromeda Denuvo with patch 1.05


A few days ago confirm√°bamos than the present copy protection in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Denuvo, had been violated by a group of crackers. In fact, the software to play copies illegal was already on the Internet. However, since Bioware have been stepping on this issue and they have updated security …

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KOEI Tecmo convinces the Japanese with their news


Koei Tecmo has earned place in the market through a very intelligent approach based on their (own and built) musou from worlds of third parties and games that do not burst the market, but who have their habitual buyers niche. And this week at two Japan are the novelties of …

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Brawlout reveals to Volt, a shaman with electrical powers.


The last day 7, Angry Mob Games announced the arrival of Brawlout, a platformer videjuego of struggle, a Steam, in its Early Accessversion. Just after announcing the arrival of Brawlout in limited two week period, confirmed a new character for the future video game. But before, if you knew not …

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Virtual reality brings benefits to developers


Approximately 50% of developers reported that the growth of your business in this market has been strong. 26% has confessed that the growth obtained in virtual reality has been disappointing and the rest seems that it stands at a midpoint.More than one third of professionals they are oriented to develop …

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New details on Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger


Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger will be the next visual novel of the Frontwingstudy, which has recently updated the official website with new information about the release. Following the closure of the successful Kickstarter that gave light to the first two episodes of The Phantom Trigger in the West, the update …

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Published a new Ys VIII announcement: Lacrimosa of Dana


Recently, Nihon Falcom has released an announcement in relation to the next game that will draw on the Ys, Ys VIII franchise: Lacrimosa of Dana. If you have not yet seen images or videos on the future title and you passionate about action JRPG video games, don’t view this eighth …

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NBA Playgrounds shown in new images


The part of 2K NBA franchise has set as one of the games most exploited by players. Not in vain, his massive addiction to realism in basketball has crowned it as one of the most sought after sports games. However, I had a time where the arcade titles were one …

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King works in a Call of Duty mobile


Do you know King? If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga, we are confident that Yes. It is the study of the development of this brand, which has recently unveiled a job offer on their official website. What they did not expect is that in it is detailed that they are …

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