Sunday , May 28 2023
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Mario Sports Superstars confirms release date in Europe


Nintendo has recently launched a new trailer for Mario Sports Superstars, focusing on baseball, one of the sports available within the title. This game mode is assimilated to title of Wii, Mario Super Sluggers. Other sports included are tennis, golf, soccer and horse racing. All game, both solo and multiplayer …

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Nintendo Network is attacked, stealing more than 400 accounts


You know that the attacks on businesses related to the sector of information technology or telecommunications are the order of the day. Indeed, in this blog have spoken in more than one occasion about the leaks and attempts of theft to them different platforms online that there are. However, let’s …

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Nintendo Switch may already be booked… In United Kingdom


Nintendo Switch already it has begun to promote in different parts of the world. The own shops are preparing the launch of the next console of Nintendo, which promises to be a real success. However, it is true that we still don’t know the exact price, or packs that will …

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Nintendo will take your creations to Universal theme parks


Long ago it was rumored with the existence of an agreement between two giants. This agreement pointed out that Nintendo and Universal were to collaborate to bring to them parks of attractions of Universal the imaginary of them of Kyoto.This agreement is a fact and Miyamoto, creator of Mario and …

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