Sunday , May 28 2023
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Blizzard starts to ban to Overwatch cheats


With the launch of Overwatch, Blizzard has had to put the batteries in the field of maintenance. Above all by the fact that there are cheats players who are performing operations not permitted. Of course, the company has been hands to work with the theme of the bans, expelling all …

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Payday announced 3, Starbreeze takes charge of the franchise


Payday is one of the franchises most popular multiplayer from the world of video games. Among other reasons, for its originality. It puts us at the controls of different characters responsible for robberies. Although, of course, you know that things are often complicated in different ways. The action is assured, …

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The Crew already has five million players


Do you remember The Crew? Although their presence in the media has decreased significantly, the truth is that you work continues in the game with new content and features that are most interesting. In fact, are the users themselves which are giving their support to the title thanks to the …

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