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Caroline and Justine star in the new trailer for person 5


Person 5 was the most anticipated JRPG of the moment by adepts video games of this kind, those marked by the pattern of the anime aesthetic, so popular in Japanese territory. Far ahead of other franchises, each surrender of person is a leap into the void and, so far, all …

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Analysis of Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom


Few worst ideas that bring together Attack I can think of, a priori on Titan and Omega Force. In the manga by Hajime Isayama, pessimism is defined from frustration and humiliation involved feel overwhelmed – in this case, by a deformed giants of unknown origin that people eat as though …

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Two new videos of Berserk, Omega Force

Omega Force has released two new videos from his Berserk, the game based on the popular manga by Kentaro Miura. As corresponds, are two snacks in which is presented some peculiarities of two of those characters that is can control in the game, in this case Casca and capricious. Casca …

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Madden NFL 17, already available to Xbox One


Still remember the first time that we play to a Madden NFL. Makes enough years, taking in account that in that occasion them players just were distinguishable. However, there was the possibility of transmitting the sport in which the game is set. With each new installment, the results have been …

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