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More alien races in the new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda

BioWare and Electronic Arts, as they had promised yesterday, have released another trailer of its Mass Effect: Andromeda. This time the thing is focused on Ryder, new or the new main character, and the rest of the crew aboard the Hyperion. It is a change for the better, of course, …

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Codemasters Announces DiRT 4

This trailer important Codemasters announces its next DiRT 4, which will be available on June 9 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. After a DiRT Rally much more focused and realistic, returning trucks, buggies, and «the accessibility of its acclaimed prequels DiRT 2 and DiRT 3». Either, it seems, have …

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NI No Kuni II will also be released for PC


From Bandai Namco have thought that today was a day as good as any other to clarify on which platforms will publish some of their upcoming titles. And that means, of course, talk about FIBS again. «Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom come to PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017», …

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Loot Rascals will publish on PS4 and PC on March 7


Hollow Ponds has announced that its first play, Loot Rascals, will be on PS4 and PC on March 7. Designed by Ricky Haggett (Hohokum, Frobisher Says, Super Exploding Zoo), Loot Rascals is a roguelite in which we form our character using the cards that will be dropping the enemies that …

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The new Prey trailer tells us that it will be on May 5

Bethesda has just released another trailer for Prey, the reboot that develops Arkane Studio in Austin, Texas, and to be put on sale next may 5. Apart from announcing the release date, video not much taught that they had not seen before. There is Morgan Yu, participating in a painful …

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Robin comes to Injustice 2 distributing swords

The eternal pupil of Batman confirmed as one of the fighters in the next 2 Injustice. It was expected, you will think, but the truth is that Robin was not the first Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this occasion, who is hiding under the hood and after the mask is …

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Podcast Reload: Programme 15, season 8


» Download MP3 Now that itself, recover for the program of today all them sections and all the voices that usually have the Podcast Reload: discussed the dream cancellation of Scalebound, that has priority on it today of this week, but not us forget of the Fire Emblem Direct. And …

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Capcom details its plans for the Resident Evil 7 DLC

Resident Evil 7 is on sale from now itself. Why Capcom just released the launch trailer and why we yesterday wrote an analysis of the game. The good news is that more or less drastic changes – perspective, setting, tone-have become you wonderfully to a franchise that was perdidisima. The …

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