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Tiburodromo in Splatoon 2, weapons and equipment in Prey


Splatoon 2 The Testfire de Splatoon 2 Let us moments of great intensity and fun. The game has a much improved control and polished the formula at the end. It will be a success that will sell many Switch.In this global test some of the maps that we guerrearemos you …

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Gameplay with included head of Prey


Bethesda and Arkane are greasing the promotional machinery of Prey by publishing content on a regular basis. Last week we published a compendium with videos that they various facets of the game and this time we have a 25-minute gameplay that includes one of the product managers.Prior to embed the …

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Prey, on sale may 5


Arkane Studios continues to work in one of their most anticipated games: Prey. The game, which had fewer details than we would have liked, already has release date. The study not only has announced it, but it also confirmed more things about what will include the game, as well as …

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What Prey?


Bethesda surprised E3 16 with the production of a new Prey that has nothing to do with the first game or the second installment which was being developed by Human Head before being cancelled.East Prey will not therefore neither a remake nor a sequel and not relationship one with the …

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