Wednesday , March 29 2017
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The possibility of a HD remake of StarCraft takes strength


Blizzard takes a while playing with the possibility of adapting some of its classic titles to the HD. Indeed, the company has released some versions of models of games such as WarCraft III with more polygons, in addition to patch some of these titles to make them compatible with modern …

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More rumors of Playstation 5:10 teraflops by the end of 2018


It seems that the market of video games, at least with respect to the release of new consoles, it is moving at a speed too fast. Over the last few months available Playstation 4 Pro, and during 2017 will be selling Xbox Scorpio. The launch of Nintendo Switch, also occurred …

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The possible sequel to Shadow of Mordor is filtered


Recently, a digital commerce listed among his titles the sequela of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor entitled Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and specified the August 22 this 2017 as the date of departure of the video game. It has could not confirm yet neither date nor the images presented of the …

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A rumor points to Shenmue 1 & 2 output in HD this year


The history of never ending Shenmue. After waiting so many years for Shenmue 3, this is confirmed and enters production. Now the soap opera continues with the remasterisations of the first two games. Products that should be checked for changes in your map control and wash them a little face …

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Xbox Scorpio: ESRAM, but with more memory and 4K L2 cache


Although the majority of details that have of Xbox Scorpio correspond to rumors and to gossip not confirmed, it true is that gradually us van arriving more data about the possible successor of Xbox One. As you know, Microsoft is not to inaugurate a new generation, but increase the potency …

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Nintendo Switch may already be booked… In United Kingdom


Nintendo Switch already it has begun to promote in different parts of the world. The own shops are preparing the launch of the next console of Nintendo, which promises to be a real success. However, it is true that we still don’t know the exact price, or packs that will …

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