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KOEI Tecmo convinces the Japanese with their news


Koei Tecmo has earned place in the market through a very intelligent approach based on their (own and built) musou from worlds of third parties and games that do not burst the market, but who have their habitual buyers niche. And this week at two Japan are the novelties of …

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NieR: Automat has sold more than one million units


In the beginning of year so competed with several game of the year candidate, we are happy that NieR:automata, the last folly of Yoko Taro, has not only enjoyed the support of critique, but also of the public.The game, published by Square-Enix and developed by Platinum Games with Yoko as …

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Nintendo Switch and its games reinforce its position in Japan


This week Nintendo has managed to strengthen its position with an increase in sales of Switch and its games. Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch have risen regarding the last week and the console has found a new 78,000 adopters. And this was the reason? The system and its ecosystem …

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Horizon Zero Dawn has sold more than 2.6 million copies


Two weeks is what guerilla has needed to place more than 2.6 million copies of its new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn. Unlike other occasions, Sony reflected that these numbers are not distributed units and final consumers.A success that evokes the release of The Last of Us at the time. The …

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Switch and Breath of the Wild dominate in Japan


Switch has made his debut in his home with nearly 330,000 sold consoles. Numbers can not match to what has been achieved by other systems at the time, but given the health of the consoles in Japan, we will give them by more than good. It is undeniable that these …

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Switch becomes the best launch of a console in Spain


The new machine of the Kyoto has had a fantastic welcome in most territories in which has been marketed. In the USA has passed on its first weekend to any other release from Nintendo. France has reported figures. In Japan, it is far from what has been achieved by other …

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Gravity Rush 2 reigns in Japan


Kat, Raven and cia, have managed to overcome the rest of premieres this week. Gravity Rush 2 is the best-selling of these last seven days. The figures exceed did that Gravity Rush 1 in his time for Vita, but now there are also many more PS4 distributed notebooks had at …

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