Monday , May 29 2023
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Special Gravity Rush 2: Kat


I’m going to make a confession: I’m immensely functional in video games. Do not expect great stories per se, nor hope deep or charismatic, characters simply seeking fun and the rest is appreciated, but the entertainment that can give me gameplay is a priority. And occasionally one is is things …

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Presentation Gravity 2 Rush


Sony has cited the press of our country to show the latest creation of Japan Studio, Gravity Rush 2. The game has been directed by Keichiro Toyama, a name that perhaps not you is family, but if you say that was the creator of Silent Hill or the series SIREN, …

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Mass Effect: Andromeda on sale March 23


One of them games more expected on the one hand important of them players, finally has date of exit: 23 of March of the year 2017. From that day we can enjoy the new space opera with Mass Effect Bioware: Andromeda.Andromeda is launched in PS4, Xbox One and PC by …

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Special Dragon Ball 2 Xenoverse: unfair CPU


It is true that, in general terms, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a well-balanced title. Despite not having a difficulty selector per I know, that the descriptions and categories of each battle that we face is well selected, taking into account what we find once inside. Is fulfilled this always? …

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