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What Prey?


Bethesda surprised E3 16 with the production of a new Prey that has nothing to do with the first game or the second installment which was being developed by Human Head before being cancelled.East Prey will not therefore neither a remake nor a sequel and not relationship one with the …

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Assault Suit Leynos comes to PS4 with the flavour of a classic


Soon will come the Assault Suit Leynos remake, announced by Rising Star Games, with intention to resurrect the classic 16-bit Dracue Software, Target Earth, 1990. By the time, will come only in format digital. However, they announce that, later, will a physical the same game version. Assault Suit Leynos promises …

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BioShock: The Collection will be available on September 16


So long after our visit to that huge underwater city called Rapture, and the trip to Columbia, the floating city, passing through a second visit to the depth of the oceans, we receive good news related to the franchise that so many love and idolize. For first time, and almost …

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So the new update for DOOM


DOOM is updated. A few weeks after his release on sale, the renowned video game will receive a small patch which will include some features and solves the problems encountered. A move by id Software , which seeks to improve the project and, Furthermore, to integrate some of the references …

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Special Homefront: The Revolution, the second chance


In the analysis of Homefront: The Revolution esgrimí an argument that to this day I still defend and is the Dambuster Studios game he was released before that was due. Shareholders want results, not quality. And that maximum forces sometimes remove products on sale without the required cooking time so …

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Payday announced 3, Starbreeze takes charge of the franchise


Payday is one of the franchises most popular multiplayer from the world of video games. Among other reasons, for its originality. It puts us at the controls of different characters responsible for robberies. Although, of course, you know that things are often complicated in different ways. The action is assured, …

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