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KOEI Tecmo convinces the Japanese with their news


Koei Tecmo has earned place in the market through a very intelligent approach based on their (own and built) musou from worlds of third parties and games that do not burst the market, but who have their habitual buyers niche. And this week at two Japan are the novelties of …

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Nintendo Switch and its games reinforce its position in Japan


This week Nintendo has managed to strengthen its position with an increase in sales of Switch and its games. Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch have risen regarding the last week and the console has found a new 78,000 adopters. And this was the reason? The system and its ecosystem …

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Switch and Breath of the Wild dominate in Japan


Switch has made his debut in his home with nearly 330,000 sold consoles. Numbers can not match to what has been achieved by other systems at the time, but given the health of the consoles in Japan, we will give them by more than good. It is undeniable that these …

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£ 9.99 per month you can access over 100 games with Xbox Game Pass


The future is quite possibly the subscription services and is not something you discuss it for free by the new Microsoft service, channels such as Netflix and PlayStation Now, seems that they imposed in the future as formulas to follow majority.Microsoft anticipates the rest with Xbox Game Pass (speaking of …

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Gravity Rush 2 reigns in Japan


Kat, Raven and cia, have managed to overcome the rest of premieres this week. Gravity Rush 2 is the best-selling of these last seven days. The figures exceed did that Gravity Rush 1 in his time for Vita, but now there are also many more PS4 distributed notebooks had at …

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Project Cars and Star Wars with February Gold games


What month has brought Microsoft Gold games for February. We have a variety of genres and some very powerful titles. We are going with this. For Xbox One Star of the month is the digital version of Project Cars. A great game as the top of a pine tree. Flood …

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These are the new Nvidia drivers compatible with the latest games


NVIDIA gets lately in a rather curious tessitura. Although not to speak much of the company, you have to know that the company is continuously working on new graphics chips and in their corresponding drivers, which must also be compatible with the latest technologies available in video games. The responsibility …

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Pokemon Sun and moon will void the rest of what’s new in Japan


The launch of a new Pokemon master in Japan means that the country is paralyzed and focuses only on that product. After the success of Pokémon Go! expected figures bulky for Sun and Moon and I think that they have complied with a debut of 1,750,000 units approximately.Wrong is give …

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