Saturday , December 2 2023
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Special Toukiden 2: how Hunt the larger Oni?


The special Oni are those Oni of larger size that we will be in a fairly regular manner along Toukiden 2. We will not only have to face in the missions or in the history, but we can find them wandering the field quietly or attacking any of our fellow …

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Special Dead Rising 4: renew or die


With the passage of the years some sagas of video games risk of becoming undead. Lack of ideas and innovation fear tends to be one of the symptoms that indicate that a franchise is turning into a “zombie”. While Dead Rising is not a saga too exploded, its formula Yes …

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Special Resident Evil 7: classical mechanics


Resident Evil 7 has become a game to keep in mind for fans of the series and in a very dignified way carries the weight of belonging to the main series of the history of terror of Capcom.The praises are not free and must be assumed that ke7 is a …

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Special Sniper Elite 4: a sniper in Italy


Sniper Elite again. The franchise has become one of the must haves for the scene of the snipers in video games. The main reason is that, apart from the fact that there are few such titles, get moving to consoles all the experience of own snipers of WWII. Rebellion, the …

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Special Gravity Rush 2: Kat


I’m going to make a confession: I’m immensely functional in video games. Do not expect great stories per se, nor hope deep or charismatic, characters simply seeking fun and the rest is appreciated, but the entertainment that can give me gameplay is a priority. And occasionally one is is things …

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Special The Last Guardian: Trico


The output of The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV and the development of Shenmue III was unthinkable a few years ago. It was the typical rumoured games were fair in fair and which starred the most absurd rumours. Half Life 3 would be the fourth in discord. Between all of …

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Special Redout: future new


The arrival of Redout on our PCs has reminded us genre of futuristic driving continued to exist even though it passes through low hours. 34BigThings srl were not very ambitious in what refers to the mechanical playable for this title, but if they were able to create a solid and …

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