Sunday , May 19 2024
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Alien Swarm returns with a fanmade project


Alien Swarm returns today after almost six years of absolute silence following its launch. We have a title released by Valve for free and which caused a great impact at the time thanks to its high difficulty and direct and exciting gameplay. A game that “died” due to a lack …

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Team Fortress 2 starts its largest Halloween event to date


While Team Fortress 2 is a game with many years behind him, Valve not has abandoned its shooter “cartoon” at any time. This title continues to receive more or less constantly updates and theme events are not unknown for their players. In fact, as every year at this time, return …

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Uplink, unforgettable Half Life demo


Today the demos video games are something completely strange, almost alien. Them companies gradually have left of put to disposition of them users these showcases, fearful of that to the try the fruit of your effort these decide to not buy the game in question. A reality that seems successful …

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