Wednesday , September 27 2023
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Virtual-On returns in a narrative spin-off for PS4 and Vita

Someone with more experience than a server in the activity that took place within the Miss arcades will know if Cyber Troopers Virtual-On arrived the Spanish halls in the form of machine or not. Of course to Saturn the first series did it and I could play the second, Cyber …

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Tearaway Unfolded leads March in PlayStation Plus games

Instant collection of PlayStation Plus is updated this month with more grace of what came to be usual lately: as it had leaked, three Sony platforms receive in March some other interesting game. It highlights the very nice DOE Tearaway Unfolded for PS4, clear. It has fabric seafood as put …

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Analysis of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk


Developed by Omega Force, one up, one down, seven games through 2016. Kentaro Miura finally ended a Berserk volume last year. It was the first from 2013. In any case, the musou of Berserk makes sense. In the pages of the manga, it is common to find your character, Guts, …

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Specter of Torment is prequel to Shovel Knight

Californians Yatch Club Games have shown, using a momentin no ads in The Game Awards, this Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment. Is is of a prequel starring by the gentleman with the scythe, that by that then was recruiting to them members of that order without barracks that just being …

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