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A stroll in the Minas morgul of shadows of war

Through IGN, Monolith has released a video which shows a fragment of Shadows of Guerra, the next set of La Tierra-Media. (Not to be confused, or Yes, with shadows of war: the Spanish Civil War, by Legend Studios.) You can see it on the top of these lines. In the …

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Overwatch rebellion: its new and refined PvE mode


Overwatch has premiered a new way PvE where once again will have to deal with hordes of omnicos. It’s a more refined way on which we play on Halloween of last year, that we should only resist successive waves of increasing difficulty. On this occasion, Blizzard offers a format more …

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Injustice 2 explains how your Gear system

The last video of Injustice 2 tells us of what his new Gear system, that will allow us to modify the appearance of the DC characters and their statistics. After the fighting, we will get new pieces of equipment that you can use to change the look of Batman, Superman …

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DiRT 4 will not have support for Virtual reality… At the beginning


If you are a Virtual reality enthusiasts, we are confident that esperaréis forward the launch of each game that takes advantage of this technology. It is evident that it is a novelty to consider. However, development studies are thinking, increasingly, to offer this opportunity during the launches of their projects. …

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The Elder Scrolls Online: play for free this week


This week The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) discusses an interesting promotion that will allow play for free to all those interested in trying this MMROPG. Delving into Tamriel is already possible and until day 18 we can explore it freely in search of adventure and be able to check first-hand …

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BioWare updated the Andromeda Denuvo with patch 1.05


A few days ago confirmábamos than the present copy protection in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Denuvo, had been violated by a group of crackers. In fact, the software to play copies illegal was already on the Internet. However, since Bioware have been stepping on this issue and they have updated security …

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