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Tap Wars, the spin-off for moving of Earth Defense Force 4.1

Four days ago came to the Android Google Play Store and the App Store on iOS something of what server did not know their existence: is the Earth Defense Force franchise given to step to the mobile and already has a spin-off of his recent Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair entitled Tap Wars. Indeed, a clicker for smartphone where our mission is clubbing with the yolk of the finger to the hordes of insects, robots and other invasive monstrosities willing to destroy Tokyo first and the rest of humanity after.

I’ve been playing for half an hour before writing this news and, Yes, I think that perhaps the only virtue of Tap Wars EDF 4.1 is the tiny possibility that a penny goes into the pockets of those who are taking care of raised Earth Defense Force 5 for PS4, because by itself is one of the most embarrassingly bad free-to-play that has ever tasted. And I have an Android.

I’ve read out there it seems to be almost a plagiarism in operation and structure of the Tap My Katamari, which apparently is another milestone not just it you, so I have not dared to also download this slap in the face to the memory of Katamari and Keita Takahashi to check if it is true. But yes I can tell you that Tap Wars EDF 4.1 has each and every one of these deformities and so typical miseries of mobile games free of charge, from view ads to get coins, until the own gameplay mechanics, which does not consider nor where all with your finger or the speed at which you do: enough to do damage to the enemy to reach the minimum required to move to the next one hundred levels But if we do not always we can continue shooting and accumulating coins to level up the character and his companions and make more points of damage that, this time, does not carry to the next stage. You don’t have even a minimal glimpse of challenge, it is something that happens in our mobile and that we have a more or less relevant incidence.

Perhaps the extrapolation of the shooters of serie B with graphics of ten years for consoles are, in mobile, this kind of farce, but at least in those may one find true love by the series. Here, of course, not.

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