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Team Fortress 2 starts its largest Halloween event to date


While Team Fortress 2 is a game with many years behind him, Valve not has abandoned its shooter “cartoon” at any time. This title continues to receive more or less constantly updates and theme events are not unknown for their players. In fact, as every year at this time, return Halloween Team Fortress 2 and this time does it with more content than ever. An event that celebrates seven years without missing your appointment and that are available from October 18 to November 11.

And it is that while this year there is a new event, Valve has put together this Halloween all the contents of the previous past editions, so that all of them can be enjoyed in full for a limited time. In addition, to celebrate this occasion probabilities of having appearances and thematic weapons have increased significantly in this time, so it is the perfect time to get the elusive Halloween sets.

But that is not all that this update includes three additional Team Fortress 2 scenarios with which expands even more variety of official maps of this already veteran title of Valve. Also added some exclusive content of Halloween as well as new provocations and taunts that have some fun at the expense of our beloved enemies.

Team Fortress 2 is once again demonstrating that the years do not go by this title and that the contents are well received by its community of players. The Team Fortress 2 Halloween event is waiting for all the brave will come to have fun sticking scares in their thematic maps and be eligible to get his elusive rewards.

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