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Telltale publishes the first trailer of the Guardians of the Galaxy

At the beginning of the adaptation of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games had a relationship of love hate with the developer and now also Distributor, but with the passing of the years that duality has unbalanced and now weighs more hatred and mostly laziness on their new projects. I think that I am not the only one that coexists with this feeling. In the only Game of Thrones I wetted a foot, and his Batman directly or played it; in AnaitGames are few and we must choose and discard about what you write, so about Telltale I’ve personally decided that with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, I already have the full quota.

But let’s talk about Telltale! The company is still in its model of aggressive expansionism through rights of foreign franchises, so voracious in their plans that has reached agreements with DC and Marvel at the same time. And today you look muscle: their game based in Guardians of the Galaxy already has its first trailer online and visually is quite a surprise. It is clear that here has been not bet by a movement of the comic strip version, but by a kind of conversion to 3D, some style Clone Wars animated series. Although, that Yes, the quality of the animation (of the movement of the characters) sings with strength in some moments of the trailer, as if it was not polished at all.

Level mechanical not be seen even a single second, are all cinematic in-game, but it is hoped that Telltale does not touch a single iota of adventure game formula softcore which has spent years chained.

On the history, it seems the five guardians of the Galaxy will face directly Thanos, or that have us believe with this video, so if this will affect the timeline that Marvel has perfectly calculated in his universe cinematic expanded across movies, series and video games, or if the version of Telltale is an independent and remote canyon history.

The first episode will cost 5 euros and arrives on April 18 to PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS. There is no trace of the logo of Nintendo Switch.

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