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Tequila Works speaks: why are gamers to Switch more expensive?


Following the recent announcement of the final release date of Rime, some users took the hands to the head due to a curiosity. The game will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. But in this latest platform, the cost will be greater than in the other. Approximately ten euros which will cause users to have to spend more money. And this trend happens to other projects. The question is why are video games for Nintendo Switch more expensive?

Although initially game development companies are free to mark prices wanting, it seems that the problem goes beyond. Tequila Works, the creator of Rime, He has allowed a rather curious details, regarding the publication of video games in Nintendo Switch. And it is that, in a recent interview, have put forward that the prices of their products depend on “the costs of development and publication on every platform“. In other words, of the conditions that are exposed to each of the releases.

According to the rumors, Nintendo Switch publication costs are greater that there is in PC or Playstation 4, Xbox One. The reason is that the cartridges price is higher than the Blu-ray discs.

When making a contained in a cartridge game for Nintendo Switch, must take into account a number of factors: size and number of copies to produce are the main. And these characteristics also have a higher price, if compared to the other consoles formats.

An additional question: why the eShop of Nintendo Games also cost more? Not in vain, these projects should have no problem with cartridges since they do not use them. In this regard, there are few answers. The only thing that we know, at the moment, is that Nintendo is forcing developers to put in place a price that looks like the costs that have physical versions.

The next time that you see a game for Nintendo Switch costs more than on other platforms, you know the answer: cartridges cause the price to rise minimally.

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