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The advertising of Red Dead Redemption 2 already has arrived to the shops

Red Dead Redemption 2

Although very few weeks ago Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced officially by Rockstar Games, the truth is that the company is already putting batteries in terms of advertising of the title. It is possible that the project is not yet completed, but that does not mean that no they are put in place the first tasks in order to go by communicating the existence of the less informed users.

As we have been able to know recently, Rockstar already is sending some boxes promotional to known establishments of United Kingdom. In particular, to those belonging to the chain GAME. These boxes would be already being displayed in shops, thus showing the logo of the video game, the image of the seven outlaws and a date that is still approximate: autumn of 2017. It is clear that information is not added to what we already know.

Must say that, although still is a minimum of nine months for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, it more safe is that it company go revealing small fragments of information. That Yes, it is curious that it has decided to bet, firstly, by advertising in well known video game stores. The information still being minimum, by what will have that continue waiting until is announce more details.

In a principle, network Dead Redemption 2 has planned his exit to the sale in stores during the autumn of 2017. In any case, we will continue waiting for the information published.

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