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The American Dream, the game in which guns are used to everything

Look that will have taken turns coconut thinking about the possibilities of virtual reality and all its future applications, most of them morally reprehensible, but a few will have occurred them to the idea of The American Dream: a game in which we carry out our daily tasks with a gun in each hand.

If there was any doubt, the title already ends of propping up the nature of satire, joke with critical intention, about the culture of weapons in the United States and a good number of Americans crazy interpretation of the second amendment of the Constitution.

The American Dream is the work of Samurai Punkboys, which long ago already released another game with some acid humor called Screencheat, a multiplayer FPS where the participants are invisible and have to spy on others screens to place them on the stage. The classic trap of cybercafe converted into a pair of the game. On this occasion we have to travel through a large complex of facilities built by a group of gun manufacturers willing to show the world the effectiveness of guns when one uses them for the little things of everyday life. And all of this set in the 1950s, which makes everything much more interesting if possible.

The American Dream comes in 2017 to HTC lives, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

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