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The creators of STASIS also go to Kickstarter to finance its new project

The word kickstarter that gives name to the service of crowdfunding always has given the printing of be an attack of an only charger, something that do for put up your business and that starting from there depend of your capacity to manage them benefits. It is clear that this is not so far: Stoic yesterday announced their Kickstarter campaign to finance The Banner series 3, and shortly after we received a press release from South Africans of The Brotherhood, responsible for the wonderful surprise that was STASIS, warning that it just opened a Kickstarter so we give monetary love to your next project of pompous title : Beautiful Desolation.

As had been announced last summer, yesterday saw the light on Steam CAYNE, the completely free spin-off of STASIS in which control a pregnant woman on the same ship, the protagonist of the original game, grim medical facilities where experiments have been conducted in all beautiful. Promises of very dark ways to touch the idea of motherhood and I, to be honest, I’m thinking about whether I play or not.

Taking advantage of the launch of this gift, The Brotherhood has given the starting gun to fund and promote the next big game. This Beautiful Desolation will be similar to the STASIS mechanical (in essence, a point n’ click classic and isometric very focused on the history and the atmosphere), but this time will have the opportunity to control different characters in the plot, enjoy new light effects that make the experience more immersive and a more open world and non-linear to explore with certain kinship they say, with Fallout.

It sounds like a melocotonazo good.

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