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The Earth average: shadows of Guerra is presented with this video of fifteen minutes

The inevitable and long-awaited sequel shadows of Mordor, leaked the other day and officially announced shortly thereafter, can be seen in a gameplay of those larguitos, which reviewed the main characteristics that are kept another delivery and also several innovations.

Started by it easy: graphically, the land Media: shadows of Guerra is what was expected. Is note the jump generational in the animations and the lighting, although by that of them battles mass not seems be of which should be look with magnifying glass in seeks of details. The face of the protagonist, retaliation, returns to be someone annoying because it has cooled it the carajillo, rather than the of a man with powers who beheads orcs almost inadvertently.

It becomes clear, the Nemesis system, to offer new random cartoons with enemies that recur repeatedly in search of revenge. Especially interesting seems it of apply that same idea to them Allied: the power of a new ring allows recruit to orcs of all type, that after may help have with the crossbow or making of RAM for BREW is in a fortress. There will also be some who betray us and others giving Peñita died.

But the protagonist and the player, do almost all the work clear. In that sense, and although they warn at the beginning that this is taken from a fairly advanced game, it seems that we will again go sobrados; the final stretch of shadows of Mordor I liked less than the rest because with all unlocked skills was what a ride.

Middle-Earth: shadows of Guerra will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One l next 25 August. It will have its corresponding patch for PS4 Pro and will also draw party, when you touch, the additional Project Scorpio Teraflops.

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