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The film of Firewatch is the first draft set of field Holy and Good Universe

La película de Firewatch es el primer proyecto conjunto de Campo Santo y Good Universe

Field Holy, the Studio behind Firewatch, has started to work with the producer Good Universe for «develop content both for video games as for films», according to reports The Hollywood Reporter. Their first joint project will be the adaptation Firewatch films.

Sean Vanaman, founder of field Holy, ensures that the way in that Good Universe «recognizes, cultivates and produces stories incredible» made from the principle that them two companies connected; «is rare find to another group that share many of your values, and makes that the process of creating things is even more exciting».

Among the works of Good Universe are the two cursed neighbors or the remake of Oldboy directed by Spike Lee. Joe Drake, one of the founders of the production company, celebrated in the official statement «totally seductive narrative» and «incredible creative flair» Campo Santo.

Not there is more information on the film or on that other «content» that seek to develop together.

Not only cinema adaptations of video games are not a rarity they are going to be becoming more common; early premieres of Assassin’s Creed, produced by the new subsidiary dedicated to the cinema of Ubisoft, which already has a sequel underway (there is also one of The Division), and there are more underway, including an epic trilogy of science-fiction based on Tetris and one of Minecraft to be released in 2019.

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