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The first Nintendo Switch update includes code to add friends

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is about to candy. Users are already gather in tents in order to acquire the unit, although Nintendo corresponding team is also working in order to solve the problems that are. As you know, the day of release consoles and video games tend to have a patch day one, destined to solve last minute problems. In Switch will be no exception.

As we have learned by the users themselves, Nintendo has released a patch to Nintendo Switch that the console is preparing for the launch. The features included are the eShop and the possibility of sharing screenshots using social networks, among other functions. Do not lack the resolution to some minor drawbacks that, Yes, hardly will notice.

Yes, we have to highlight the inclusion of friend codes. Such codes contain 12 characters, and are destined to our contacts can Add us as friends to their profiles. An ID that it is quite useful. Of course, you can also add friends locally, or using other video games accounts. Remember that the format of these codes is as follows: SW-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

In any case, remember that this update is only the first of all those that receive the console, which means that we will soon be receiving even more news. Of course, recommended to install the patch as you skip the corresponding message.

Via | VG247

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