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The hardware is born magic in Narita Boy

Del hardware nace la magia en Narita Boy

Eduardo Fornieles, Narita Boydirector, tells me that in his game “everything has an aftertaste to eighties hardware». No to software: hardware.

The game, as are promoted on Kickstarter, is easy to understand: an adventure in 2D which catches something of Castlevania and some Sword and Sworcery, each one classic retro in their own way, which «dimensional jump mechanics», elements of RPG and incredible worlds give shape to explore which are mentioned as key points of the gameplay. The story of a video game, Narita Boy, developed by the mysterious Lionel Pearl, unexpected star of computing in the 1980s is mounted on that basis. Narita Boy is sold with Narita One, a console also created by Pearl. The draught of Narita One is such that it becomes not only a bestseller but also a key part of the cultural landscape of the time; also, for some reason, in a portal to the Digital realm, another dimension that is threatening to engulf, blending with it, to our.

“That is the digital universe of the game, is a universe where the core is a computer and it exudes an energy that created everything that exists in the digital world, says Fornieles. «We say that it is on the one hand pays tribute to eighties gadgets », but also to some of the icons of the era: the Techno Sword, which in Narita Boy only fiction can wield the chosen, has something of a technological weapon, but is also a nod to the sword of Grayskull, he-manand the masters of the universe.

He said of the software at the beginning because Narita Boy nostalgia manifests in a way somewhat different from the other games. Shovel Knight started one a tear when a gentleman with his Golden Armor appears in the map and behaves like the hammer brothers Super Mario Bros. 3, but Narita Boy seems to intrigue with magical abilities to a technology that today anyone would consider outdated. The room, that safe space nerd conquered by posters and puppets, is less interesting than the potential of technology as teleport to other worlds.

“We want to mix various game concepts, but the common denominator is that strange, fantastic, rarefied atmosphere without limitations of the 1980s,” says Fornieles. «It is a referential set, with a touch of autoparodia but moves in their world in their own right, and creates a mystic where the player will be immersed in a dreamlike and captivating universe». Del hardware nace la magia en Narita Boy Is not easy to integrate the reference and parody in certain stories; It is a complicated work of calculation of quantities. Fornieles me says that it’s Narita Boy is «more deep of what is apparently “.

Eduardo Fornieles (pixel artist and animator), Salvador Fornieles (composer and sound designer), Robert houses (developer), Nito ten (2D animator), Chie Wakabayashi (project manager); compose the Narita Boy team Eduardo Fornieles is also director of the project, which originated in Tokyo, eighties superpower. There, Fornieles worked as a freelance “because it gave me much laziness Curran under the Japanese idiosyncrasy”, confesses; It makes sense that it finished working on a company covered by the French Studio Ankama, and then with Friend & Foe, where he was a concept artist of Vane. «When I finished my part, even though I was staying had already too many books full of ideas», tells me.

Back in Barcelona, Narita Boy was taking shape to Kickstarter, where to seek financing; In addition to get to Windows, Mac and Linux, it is possible (if additional targets) the launching in PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One.

Del hardware nace la magia en Narita Boy

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