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The level Upstream of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, video

Vicarious Visions has released a new video of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy which demonstrates the level Upstream, the fifth in the first world of the first game. It is hosted on the official Facebook of the character and you can see it on these lines.

It is not more complicated level of the trilogy, of course, but it serves just as any other to see what kind of result you are looking for. Video explains various details taken from the dressing rooms: for example, talks about how the intention of Vicarious Visions has been to get to the control with the stick (when the first Crash Bandicoot came out, in 1996, the DualShock still there; then it was only the PlayStation Controller, who had no sticks) accurate and satisfactory.

It also explains that the Visual effects of the water has been developed specifically for this Trilogy N.Sane, as part of the renewed visual by means of which the density of the scenarios, which have more movement and life has expanded. It attempts to also give a sense of the spectacular: the wave of water under the water lilies is beautiful, but also serves as a visual guide to know when they will sink and be able to jump in time.

Here below, we are, you can see a recording of the original level, that of the first PlayStation, to compare.

In general it seems a tuning that put to the test the limits of the word remaster; It seems work respectful and passionate, who knows how far can and want.

This N.Sane Trilogy brings together the three Crash Bandicoot PlayStation on one disc, remodeled and updated, and leaves on June 30. Says that the same take a demo (which is already circulating for some shops, and includes two levels of the first game and one of the second), but there is nothing confirmed; I imagine that Yes, because it is just what makes it lack this.

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