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The Metal Gear Solid franchise has already sold 49.2 million copies

Metal Gear Solid

We have to recognize that the Metal Gear Solid saga is one of the most successful in the world of video games. Indeed, although the sale of titles began more than one decade ago, new products that do not continue throwing but to increase its popularity. However, already know that our feelings do not have nothing that see if not count with figures official. And these we have been accessed recently, when Konami has released a financial report about the last fiscal quarter, which comprises up to 30 June.

In the document we can see the number of sold copies of video games in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. According to details, date 31 March 49.2 million copies of the series have been sold. This has meant a total of 49.4 billion yen in revenue, during the first semester (481 million dollars), including a 3.5% drop in income over the last year. To the total respect of the benefits, we are talking about 9.1 billion yen (89 million dollars), i.e. a growth of 40% compared to last year.

We look at digital sales, which have included 25.2 billion yen (246 million dollars) in revenue, i.e. a rise of 5.6%, if compared with the first quarter of 2015. Is clear that the sector is increasing its popularity, by what is expected that Konami it follow promoting.

He doesn’t is curious that the Metal Gear Solid franchise has sold so many video games, especially taking into account the deliveries which have been put on sale. In any case we recommend to be careful, because these numbers should continue to rise.

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