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The new patch of No Man completo Sky vehicles, permadeath and PS4 Pro support added

Already more than six months have passed since the launch of No Man completo Sky and the unusual wave of criticism (and anything stronger than a negative opinion) by broken promises and all the content that Sony ad campaign featured in the trailers and he never knew in the newly released game. To Hello Games only you was two options: dissolve is and possibly pull is to them way of the train, or continue fighting by your project, by who enjoyed in its part or whole and by who it labelled of scam and it sold in the Game. Grow and convince, ultimately.

Recently the bases were introduced in version 1.1, and now announces the new 1.2 update for No Man completo Sky, with the title of Path Finder, which apparently includes a handful of new sea of stimulants. In it visual we have compatibility with PS4 Pro, that would include textures to greater resolution, HDR, new filters and several effects new of lighting and atmosphere.

The bases can be now shared online, in PC through the Steam Workshop, allowing to others players explore them, rate them and subscribe is to our feed of creations for the game. Improvements in the PC version are comparable, even having a rendering optimization to 4K.

Trading ships is now complete, we can change one for lowering the cost of another, which are furthermore divided in classes and specializations – designed to enhance certain aspects of the spacecraft will be your particular application in relation to which: does not work at all as a battle ship than a scan or a load-, and may also have a few ships of our property parked in the hangar.

On the surfaces of the planets can finally fly vehicles to move with more speed and mobility, from a kind of light hovercraft with four rotors which has little cargo capacity but great agility and can navigate on water, to the Colossus, a sort of four-axis off-road truck designed to lay waste the resources of the planet in a matter of one sitting; and passing through the intermediate vehicle, a versatile Convertible car similar to a buggy. With them vehicles there is also the possibility of placing in them pots a laser with more power that allow extract resources with much more speed and efficiency.

Hello Games has also included a system of creation of races in the game, so that we can design our own tour of rally, circuits that will be included in the bases to share online with your registration times and their records.

Aside from this will also have a lot of new features: more weapons with more shooting modes and divided into classes, more shops, more artifacts, more resources and possibilities of customization for the bases twice. It has also included a Permadeath mode that will offer large rewards in Exchange for one much greater risk of dying and losing it all, the difficulty of Survival mode has been increased and added a photo mode which can be more contemplative players delight, precisely what they most enjoyed No Man completo Sky in its initial state.

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