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The new Seven: The Days Long Gone shows its gameplay


At the end of last week, IMGN.PRO and Fool completo Theory launched a new trailer gameplay of Seven: The Days Long Gone, a video game RPG of stealth and action in isometric perspective.

If not you have heard of him, you must know that, in this new adventure, we will explore the huge world of Vetrall Empire. We should be at the vanguard of a universe post-apocalyptic. We will be master thieves possessed by a demon arcaino, besides we carry to Peh prison, and in it we will have to resolve the fate of all mankind.

In this adventure will find an excellent work with regard to the use of the view isometric, with a great emphasis of puzzles and obstacles both in horizontal as in vertical. Here below is the latest trailer that we see part of what we do and, especially, the beautiful artistic style to the game used in your engine. Check it out the trailer if you call you attention.

Seven: The Days Long Gone continues developing PC; However, still has not announced the final final price nor its presence in other platforms. In addition, despite besiege is for 2017, not is has made allusion some to days specific.


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