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The new trailer for person 5 anticipates its release

Atlus has released a new trailer for person 5, the awaited new installment of its series of JRPGs. You can see it here above.

According to leo in Eurogamer Spain, the video «includes scenes that can be considered spoiler»; I trust because there are already some time playing it, and apparently the game falls short of expectations. I interested in that that says Jaime San Simon of that the history is some themes, as the harassment school, «of a way surprisingly hard», and also I like that not is that the single bridge that tends with Shin Megami Tensei, of which is, remember, spin-off.

«Perhaps the most important thing that leaves me what I’ve been able to prove is the feeling of returning home», writes San Simon. «To return to for a few minutes the saga as if they had happened 9 years since the last numbered delivery person. «Check the safety that shows in its proposal, what you want to tell and how to do it, as if that hiatus has not ever happened‘.

I am a n00b, as they say in the forums, but I can put me in the shoes of the people who are wanting high. As of April 4, it will be available.

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