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The new trailer for Prey goes over objects

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Prey, entitled Mimetic madness. You can see it here above.

The video focuses, of course, in that power which allows the player to become (almost) anything of which they find in the Talos I, the space station which awakens the protagonist of Prey. It is a scalable skill that first (when gets mimic matter, at the beginning of the game) allows you to become a Cup, as we have seen already thousand times, but later used to transform into turrets that shoot or robots that fly; It seems that it will be a major power, in general.

The press release includes the words of Ricardo Bare, lead game designer, on this «really funny that it has many different uses» power

The most obvious of these is stealth. It is a great way to hide from aliens who might be too strong so you enfrentéis them. Or you can surprise them tending them ambushes and attacking them by surprise. It is also a very good access to a closed area shape. Perhaps there is a security post for which you are not key and ye imitate something small enough to slide you through a slit of security.

Seems to me a power with many possibilities, some online game (which seems to be based just interested in that: on the potential of the combination of their different items and special abilities), but this video has given me the feeling that not know exactly who to contact: If fans of the brainy stealth games, to the Dishonored , or to the youtubers that will no doubt make countless videos titled I am a cup or I convert in Chair, and that perhaps will give Prey a little extra push that, in view of the results of the previous (and outstanding) Arkane game, will do more than well.

As they say, one day we’ll go to sleep and when you wake up it will be already on May 5, which is when it hits Prey, for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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