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The original soundtrack of DOOM (2016) is finally available

La banda sonora original de DOOM por fin está disponible

Not have nor idea of music, and even so I dared to write you some lines to the glorious band sound of the reboot of DOOM makes ones months; signal that the compositions which Mick Gordon devised for the game I calaron very, very deep. Indeed I seems of time the best work musical of the videogame in what goes of year, and think that the excellence of the affair was clear when stressed that, during the game, «the nature rhythmic of them split-what chiconuclear described in the podcast Reload as «a sequence pasillo-arena-Hall-sand»-, almost as the representation graphic of a riff of guitar» comes in a perfect way with its soundtrack”.

Not only is good music but makes much better to DOOM, that is to the end and after the reason of exist of this type of work.

If of something I complained in that text was precisely of that Bethesda not was had concerned of provide us it by separate and in a format to the height of their songs. And, as they say, ja the tenim here.

Yesterday same YouTube channel of Mick Gordon own appeared the official video of Rip & Tear, a spectacular great song that assails us often during several moments of DOOM, and few hours later a forero of NeoGaf pointed out that the full album was available on iTunes and Google Play for 9.49 euros and also, there eye on Spotify which is where it I’m listening to I right here , right now. 31 tracks of death, ultraviolence, and ready to be devoured subliminal Satanism. You are welcome!

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