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The Rio Olympics reach Overwatch


The Rio Olympics come to Overwatch in what can be defined as the first thematic event for this title, the summer games. During the next few weeks, the Olympic spirit will be present at this shooter of Blizzard and we can achieve different aesthetic rewards inspired by this sports competition. But there is more, Overwatch has received an additional game for Brawl mode format, the Luciobol.

All these topics for Overwatch are available until August 22. From that day on, all related to the summer games will no longer be available. That Yes, we can preserve all appearances and objects unlocked during this period. In total more than 100 thematic cosmetic objects have been introduced, and it seems are fairly rare, so done with all of them won’t be easy.

As for the new mode of game created for this occasion, the Luciobol!, we have a sort of Rocket League in which two teams of three face to achieve victory in a particular football match. Teams have skills of Lucio to achieve great speed that is enhanced by the walls and platforms distributed across the stage. These confrontations last four minutes, and the winner is the team scoring more goals.

Summer Games seem to be an interesting event, especially for those seeking to break the routine of Overwatchgame. The temporary rewards are always an incentive to play with renewed enthusiasm, although it is true that perhaps for some players it introduced something scarce find. For all others, the fun and the “hunt” of new appearances are extends to August 22. Perhaps after this event shadow is perhaps left by Overwatch…

Source | Blizzard

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