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The Signal From Tölva is the new Big Robot, creators of Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Big Robot, the creators of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, have presented their new game, another adventure with touches of survival. The title is The Signal From hopper, and above you have your trailer.

They not walk through new terrain as much as they explore the possibilities of what they already did in Sir, You Are Being Hunted; exploration and management in a survival game in addition to several interesting developments, as the possibility (seen in the trailer) make a grupete of robots, to have some help, or to conquer territory.

Jim Rossignol, big Robot, describes the game as your «Ode to the classics of science fiction pulp, with all its quirks and its drama», and ensure that they have long “wanting to explore a world of space ships floating above valleys cloud and robots fighting between pulsating ruins». It does not sound bad; Rossignol says that “that’s this game”.

Not is has spoken nothing on what type of release is are proposing, but beyond goes a confession: in my case particular, but think that is common to enough people, even have the feeling of that Sir, You Are Being Hunted out of Early Access. They still have a game half and dare to get another! Hard face! The truth is that it came out; If it came out: years ago. Pinjed analyzed it in 2014, before even of that color television was invented. It’s been awhile.

And yet I find it difficult to get the idea that follows in advance access, something that is not exclusive to this game: it happens with many games that take advantage of this interesting format to share and adapt the development to the reactions and suggestions for recipients. Happens to me with Nuclear Throne: a part of me still hopes to weekly updates, although what we should expect is the patch which solves the unfortunate launch on PlayStation. Happens to me with so many prospective access: take so long with the House in works that you lose perspective and think that the end is the same work, and end up not assimilate that it is time sitting on the sofa and live in it.

After this small excursus, toca rejoice because this time it does not seem necessary to launch before time or ask for ideas to anyone: after procedural from its previous game, hopper is a game more closed, more made by hand, in which random has voice, but he says other things. For example, «battles for control of the territory are started dynamically, with squads of patrol of the AI making skirmishes against each other» even if the player does nothing:

Battles give start with or without player intervention, and its consequences can turn the tide of the game cleaning ambushes or losing vital bunkers that allow reappear and retrofitted as you play.

So, it seems that the procedural takes a slightly differently from the usual: we know the terrain, but it is impossible to know the events that assail us as we explored it. It also promises more action and dynamism than on Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Big Robot is pointing to 2017 for the launch of The Signal From Tölva; in principle, it will be released on Windows and Mac.

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