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The trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II is pa’ see it

Three days after that teaser for 20 seconds so properly filtered, EA published this weekend the trailer full and quite generous of Star Wars Battlefront II. And much eye, because the promotional video comes to a feeling that many share with this reinvention of the franchise: the first, from 2015, was almost a probe to see what such work mixing of formulas with Battlefield and The wars, but in this second installment says comes already the firm step of a general of the Empire to take all the meat on the grill and determined to give us all the mandanga.

We will have, to begin with, a way to completely new campaign starring an official imperial Iden version, the Inferno Squad, but also take control of characters from films such as Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren in a history spanning a period of approximately three decades within the universe of Star Wars. And, I can’t believe that you are writing this sentence in 2017, the game will feature cooperative local to screen split into PS4 and Xbox One. Not bad!

As for multiplayer, the thing promises: battles of up to 40 participants on maps located the length and width of all the arches and known eras of the historical saga. Space combat (connoisseurs call dogfights) shall have a limit of up to 24 players and it will be at our disposal the required cast of mythical gadgets, such as the Millennium Falcon or X-Wing and Tie Fighter units.

The release date has also been already determined: Star Wars Battlefront II reach from November 17 to PC, Xbox One and PS4, less than a month for the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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