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The Turing Test becomes Xbox One and PC on August 30

The new game of Bukhead, The Turing Test, will be published on PC and Xbox One on 30 August; the new trailer for the game, which you can see above confirms it.

The game is based on a real test, of course, designed by the legendary Alan Turing. The test was thus: a group of people communicate through a computer, among them are an evaluator and an artificial intelligence. The evaluator knows that there is an artificial intelligence, but it does not know which of the members of the conversation is; If artificial intelligence can “trick” the evaluator for long enough, hiding his nature and not raising suspicions, the test determines that their behavior is identical or indistinguishable from a human’s. Ultimately, the objective is to determine if the machine is smart.

In The Turing Test, we explore facilities on which governs an artificial intelligence, solving puzzles to advance, using a gun to interact with various elements of the scenario. It sounds like a Portal because they have to be things.

We know how the spent Bulkhead because many could play to their Pneuma: Breath of Life in games with Xbox Gold One, last year. There we could see an interesting puzzle game but that did not quite be memorable; He never finished the tension between good ideas a little poorly applied and ideas that were simply not for more. However, I think that you proposed a couple of interesting things, but things that others be it more.

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