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They filter the existence of Dead Rising 4, we’ll see at E3

Filtran la existencia de Dead Rising 4, que veremos en el E3

Not missing never those leaks at the last minute, a few days before that opens a new edition of the E3. Especially if they have to do with one of the most beloved franchises of the last two generations: the rumors about a new Dead Rising can be already confirmed unofficially by filtering which will echo in Kotaku, appeared originally on the web This Gen Gaming, and showing photos of a pretty credible snapshots against a TV showing a loading screen and Dead Rising 4 flyer of the game and an instant of the protagonist in an outdoor area.

And who is the main character? So effectively, the great Frank West. In fact there are insiders of NeoGAF stating that, despite owner Dead Rising 4, this new release will be a remake of the game original but extrapolated to the shopping centre Christmas campaign and adding the cooperative to four bands. It is said, eye, which would be funded by Microsoft and therefore would be exclusive to this ecosystem of two heads, Xbox One and Windows 10.

Dead Rising 4 is a remake of DR1 during Christmas time. 4 player coop. Not only the mall but also the surroundings probably.

-ekim (@ekim_gaf) June 6, 2016

Seems a bit contradictory to call it remake if the atmosphere is radically different (a mall in summer is a horrible place, but at Christmas the gateway functions as a vortex which transports us to the footballer hell) and mechanics is based on multiplayer, but put a 4 at the end of the title being a remake would not be more transparent and honest in the world market strategy , but we should expect to have more specific information.

In any case, always is a good time to remember how ridiculously good it’s the first Dead Rising and point out this announcement, if at the end is just realizing, as an ideal time to make the Xbox 360 version backward compatible with Xbox One of blessed once. Something that, in an ideal world, it would be as well from the first day.

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