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They will thus be Fallout 4 patches that will be available soon

Fallout 4

Playstation 4 Pro has alleged a small point of inflection in the marks Playstation. The main reason has been the graphic evolution Sony is offering in almost all the games of Playstation 4. Thanks to some patches additional is can provide a resolution very similar to the 4 K. Of course, there are some titles that reproduce the contents in native 4K. But, until this possibility is total, is clear that remains much work by front. And all this, of course, is achieved through patches.

One of the next games that will receive an update for Playstation 4 Pro will be Fallout 4. Bethesda has been working on the game in order to update and implement the latest available. Although the patch for Playstation 4 is the most striking, Xbox One and PC will also have their corresponding update.

For starters, the patch will provide the version 1.9, which will offer new effects of light and graphics, as well as native 1440 p resolution. The distance of drawn also will be higher, improving the quality and detail of some models. Even there will be effects graphic new. In the case of the PC Edition, Bethesda will publish a pack with high resolution textures. That Yes, this will mean an additional package with a weight of 58 GBdownload.

If you want your computer to run the graphic evolution that Bethesda will put at the disposal of the users should have installed 7, 8 or 10 of 64-bit Windows, an Intel Core i7-5820 or better processor, and a graphics card GTX 1080 or AMD Radeon RX 490 8 GB of VRAM. Not forget them 8 GB of RAM, essential to be able to run all them content.

Finally, Bethesda has not published the list of changes that will be put in place on Xbox One, though it is possible that the characteristics are similar to those that have both PC and Playstation 4 Pro. In this sense, we must have patience.

For Fallout 4 patches will be available during the coming week. Meanwhile, we recommend you take a look at Fallout 4, which already is on sale in stores.

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