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Thus became the soundtrack of The Last Guardian

In the first trailer official of The Last Guardian, that unforgettable video shown during the E3 of 2009, sounded the theme main of Miller’s Crossing, the awesome movie of the Cohen with music of Carter Burwell that by here know as death among them flowers. Since then, clear, has been time to prepare a band sound original.

The truth is that, still half atontado by the excitement of the reunion with Trico, never had asked me who was the composer of the game. This is Takeshi Furukawa, a man who had worked on series such as Star Wars: Clone Wars, CSI: Miami –TRANSLATION! – or Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as in the game GoldenEye 007… 2010. According to himself in the video, Sony Music Publishing was contacted by several composers so send tests to Fumito Ueda, who ended up choosing the sound of Furukawa to maintain the tradition of change with each game: the soundtrack of ICO is Michiru Ōshima and pentagon, while Kow Otani has a place fixed in my iTunes with the Shadow of the Colossus.

What little sound in the video doesn’t tell me much, the truth, but if liked a lot the main theme in the trailer of the last E3.

The soundtrack, with 19 tracks, will be published in the Music App of PS4 coinciding with the release of the game – December 7 – and later will be sold also in digital from the Apple store. If you want to do the right thing, iam8bit announced yesterday a vinyl and everything; I say to myself that illustrations of Nimit Malavía me not just fit to try to resist the temptation, but it is not clear how the matter will end.

Así se hizo la banda sonora de The Last Guardian

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