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Thus it controls a demon in Agony

Getting ready to go out in the second quarter of this year after tripling its capital requested on Kickstarter, Agony still showing bits of gameplay that give a pretty clear idea of what we will find: a representation so precious and detailed as absolutely fucking and gruesome of hell, a hell as God commands, we can explore without leaving said «my mother «, how are the heads ‘ every three steps. Not in vain, its developer is called Madmind Studio.

But apart from not skimping on disturbing images and ideas which could lead to either head to a mental institution or a Museum, Agony seems more interested in that continuous exposure that a mechanical elaborate, so the thing it is limited to use our power of possession to put us in the shoes of the damned, like in the previous video of gameplay which published a few months ago , or demons, as in the footage that has emerged today, with their powers such as launch waves of energy, levitate to the martyrs, set them on fire or stab them with nails in different ways.

Above you have the most recent trailer for the game, dedicated to demons, and here below you have the gameplay in which control one of them.

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