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Tiburodromo in Splatoon 2, weapons and equipment in Prey


Splatoon 2

The Testfire de Splatoon 2 Let us moments of great intensity and fun. The game has a much improved control and polished the formula at the end. It will be a success that will sell many Switch.

In this global test some of the maps that we guerrearemos you could try: neighborhood conger eel, Mussel gym or plaza Cromopolis. Environments to which is added Tiburodromo. An arena inspired by a BMX circuit with unevenness in the terrain and some verticality. Nintendo presents you:

Splatoon 2 is expected this summer.


Yesterday we published an extensive gameplay of the game from Arkane ending with one of the chiefs who we will have to account, and today Bethesda takes us to the hardware store to show us weapons, gadgets and equipment of this Prey in little more than two and a half minutes:

May 5 in PS4, One and PC.

Source | Nintendo | Bethesda

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