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Juguetes Nintendo

It’s Nintendo with the Directs is a case of study. It is a rare format: is a presentation already recorded, but that several of the heads of the company announce and explain the games that will leave in, mainly, the next few months. Simulates it excitation of it Conference traditional, the excitation of be being spoken directly by a great name of the megacompania whose Games shopping, but only flirts half with the narrative of it Conference: it of create a thread driver (pushear them boundaries, open us the door towards the entertainment of the future, that comes to be break them barriers between Xbox and Windows 10 and them graphics impressive and it reality virtual of PlayStation) (, casually them virtues that them followers of each bando tend to wield in the war of consoles) for them games, grouping them, try to create a small history with them and with the paraphernalia that them surrounds. A Direct not tells nothing: is an exhibition cold, despite those colors and the enthusiasm scripted, and is limited to put us them games in the face in order.

Nintendo is a toy, metaphorical and literally. Their current games remain the same which fit naturally (like the rest, in part) in the toy store, along with the dolls and board games, two arts that Nintendo also engaged actively; the same that Nintendo became relevant, between 80 and 90, finding a significant gap in the toy stores around the world. The Direct are a visit to Nintendo toys (a recorded beforehand, and well mounted; if you want one of these ads from home shopping in which the owner of a furniture store presents you its rapping sofas), and it is not intended that all your games and toys are included in a narrative that you, the visitor, you’ll identify , or are going to approve, or that you’re going to be interested; not want that all them games that fit in that narrative have the possibility of interesting, although in last instance not go to play them, but of your visit to the toys get one or two that want to buy. I think that candor of the shopkeeper is part of what makes the Nintendo Direct attractions: as Iwata or Shibata which announces what they have in their toy gives you a point of innocence that closer also to the casual follower, in addition to the hard fan, who may have an interest that goes beyond the games know if Nintendo is doomed or you ll be able to use the absence of a narrative marked as ammunition for the eternal conflict trialogue.

Today have seen, more or less boring because them toys that were leaving already are very seen, the Direct dedicated to Nintendo 3DS and have found the response in that paron (that while write this continues: the window of Twitch continues showing to a Mii receiving to a grupete, by it of the Plaza Mii) that suffered Nintendo Spain in its retransmission. I put the window a while but when I saw that the thing did not work I changed the British issue: on-screen was Yoshi s Woolly World, the version for 3DS of the huge platforms of Wii U. other conversion down! We had clues, but Super Mario Maker, the new Mario Party and Woolly World confirm the strategy: pay off games from desktop to laptop, where there are more people who can buy them. A way to deal with bad figures for the desktop: as from several generations ago, they stewed it and they eat, making machine and also having the responsibility to keep it going with their games, most of them responsible for the thing to marche.

And suddenly announced it from Poochy, one of the characters that make me more grace in the world. Called Yoshi & Poochy Woolly World. Uf! There are levels new in those who drive to the or doggy. Host! There are other Poochys small that you follow and you help. Safe that are optional! Van to get an amiibo of Poochy. Sons of bitch! I hate the amiibo, but I want one. Look at this magnificent beast of wool:

Juguetes Nintendo

This is the toy that I’ve gone today Nintendo Direct. The rest or interested me less, well because I don’t have as much urgency (Picross 3D: Stage 2, for example) or because much remains out (the Pikmin new, for example). Another may have eager to another, has his sights set on many but none call attention especially or enchant each and every one, because his greed is extreme. But no one leaves with a synopsis that is defined in the head; everyone has their opinion, and all we are discussing if Nintendo is in the first place (as you look at it), the second (the case for many people), doomed to extinction (can Yes) or looking for greener pastures outside of the traditional hardcore gamer (no doubt). By that think that is so difficult search you a hollow to Nintendo in the trio skull, that seems that is has become in another thing based stay is outdated of way conscious, and perhaps by that Nintendo still there, doing videos-catalogo each time more faithful to its format, versions 3.0 of the traditional catalogue of Christmas of the Court English, instead of shows live exciting and choreographed to the mm : everyone wants to spread a little of the catalogues, but it seems that there is still people who want to browse them.

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