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Twenty minutes visiting San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2

The demo we were taught during the E3 left more or less clear that Watch Dogs 2 had done smear and new account in matters of tone and more informal and imaginative proposal seemed much more compelling, at least in regard to the Mission in the attic of a skyscraper. Us missing by see, that Yes, what such is circulates by San Francisco and how is the atmosphere in the city more hipster of the world.

Today we can see it thanks to the video of gameplay that Ubisoft has published and accompanied by a track of comments where guides us by the classic streets of trams and mad earrings, but also tell us about the type of hacks and other interactions that Marcus can be developed throughout his version of Frisco. The result is full of hacks recycled, corrected and improved of the Watch Dogs original, amen of a good lot of new ideas to carry to out our explorations and missions without them authorities us it prevent.

In general the game continues transmitting a feeling much more fresh that its predecessor, not only because the protagonist is a millennial black with slippers of break dance, but it own fluidity of the driving and them intrusions telematic in them systems of the city is seem much more fast and, somehow, more insolent. The direction of this sequel, certainly seems correct.

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