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Two horazas of person 5 Western version

Three members of Atlus and one of them actors of voice of the game, which interprets to Protagonist, were playing makes little in a streaming of Twitch to one of those older cucumbers of the next year in West (because in Japan already carries three months circulating), the very expected person 5. The last time that speak of it was to announce a delay of two months quite painful for many followers of the franchise and them neophytes that is have uploaded to the truck with person 4, that not are few, so unless today us bring two horazas uninterrupted of split in the language of Donald Trump, something that could be an appetizer appealing or a temptation too bordering in the spoiler.

The case is that, although in Europe it distributes Deep Silver the 4 of April, not seems clear that go to translate it to the Spanish, so that what is sees in this video is with all probability what us will come to us. PEP said in the news of the delay that perhaps with those two months over there was scope for surprise, but what is certain is that if to justify the delay they Castle in a DLC with the original Japanese voices, that should be something as well as compressed in a zip, I would not expect something as big as a location beyond English.

For those who fear spoil you the (future) experience watching this streaming delayed, should perhaps you know the magnitude of the spoiler: basically is a journey from the first dungeon of the game, in the school, and a gut of the ideas behind this Dungeon, the head of it and their reasons for being there. Taking into account that it is rumored that the duration will be around the 80 hours, nor is a drama.

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